//About me

A highly motivated and well trained professional with 25 years experience in managing and leading teams to success.

I’m a developer and a linux enthusiast mainly based in Selm, Germany. Usually, I hold talks and workshops on various topics in the fields of projectmangement, secure computing, raspberry-pi and Linux

//Key Skills

This is a rather incomplete list of all my IT skills. I’m also quick to pick up new technologies and eager to discover better ways to solve a problem.

- Projectmanagement (HRM, IT, rollouts, Coach)
- Linux (Manjaro, Arch)
- Python (…)
- Java (android Apps)
- bash scipts
- Wordpress
- Server (Matrix Synapse, Prosody, opensmptd, dovecot, unbound, dnsmasq, nginx)
- Web service & API development (REST, JSON, …)
- Database management (MySQL, SQLite, …)
- Languages (German (native), English (basic communication skills))